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bigstock-hand-drawn-cartoon-characters--16589111Last week, one of my executive coaching clients was noticeably frustrated.

His firm had just released a new product that his company leaders believe has the potential to become a real game changer.

Development time lines have been aggressive and productive. A company-wide, cross-functional team has created major innovations in the product itself, along with new distribution methods and a streamlined go-to-market strategy.

“All of that is so positive,” he said.

Then he started to choke up.

“I’m now being told to ask my team for even more effort, even more time.  But they’re already fried.  They are working crazy hours and losing time with their families and friends as it is.”

“They have been pushed to the limit,” he continued.  “There is just no way I can ask them for more effort.  The rumor is that some are beginning to question whether they want to continue working here. They’re worn…

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