REASON 1: Being positive steers up the courage in you. A negative man has little or no courage in him. He thinks of nothing new because he does not believe that he has the courage to do something new.

REASON 2: Positivity improves self-esteem. It makes you place a reasonable worth on yourself. Negativity reduces your self-worth and self-esteem.

REASON 3: Being positive makes you stay focused, determined and gives you the innate ability to concentrate.

REASON 4: Being positive builds up the faith you have in yourself. It keeps you going and makes you want to get better.

REASON 5: Being positive helps to remove every form of fear. It helps to bring in an internal energy that keeps you strong.

REASON 6: Being positive gives you the space and freedom to work on your weakness and at the same time improve your strength.

REASON 7: Positivity influences the…

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