The 16%

I’ve been preparing the material for a class on Servant Leadership, and it’s given me the chance to read and re-read some of the writings of Robert Greenleaf. Greenleaf, who had a long career with AT&T from the 1920s to 1960s, wrote the book Servant Leadership in 1970. Today that phrase is used a lot in many sectors, and sometimes it’s used without much explanation as to exactly what is meant by it. It seems that most people assume the meaning is self-explanatory. However, in Greenleaf’s writings, he paints a much clearer picture of what it actually means to be a servant leader.

However, what captured my imagination even more than his description of a servant leader were his thoughts on the important role that a servant leader plays in a prospering organization or society. Greenleaf said that the greatest problem facing us was not the system, nor the presence…

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