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What’s the bigger challenge—coming up with good plans or executing those plans?

Performance Planning GridThat’s the question I was looking to answer when I asked 700 webinar participants what they experienced most often in their organizations.

I showed them a 2×2 grid with Plan along one axis and Execution along the other. I asked the participants to identify where they saw initiatives ending up in their organizations. More than 375 people responded. Here’s where they located most initiatives in their experience:

Bad Plan – Good Execution (13%) 
Good Plan – Good Execution (4%) 
Bad Plan – Bad Execution (8%) 
Good Plan – Bad Execution (74%)

The problem, as this group saw it, was execution.

Are these numbers unusual?  No. In Navigating Change: How CEOs, Top Teams, and Boards Steer Transformation, authors Donald Hambrick, David Nadler, and Michael Tushmanreported similar research numbers with 70 percent of their respondents also falling into the…

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