The 16%

They are all around us.

Buzzwords and catch phrases.

You know, those words and phrases we use because everyone is using them. In training and development, it could be words like, “andragogy” or phrases like “blended learning.” We can also toss out concepts like “running a Lean organization.”

Here’s the thing though. Using buzzwords and catch phrases can actually hurt your organization if you use them to sound “in the know” versus using them to increase corporate knowledge.

The truth is there are no shortcuts to expertise. Before you start throwing around buzzwords or catchphrases, make sure you are able to “walk the talk.” Here are a few suggestions:

  • Watch what you bring back from seminars – We go to seminars and get pumped up. We hear success stories that are sure to work in our context, and we return all fired up and ready to roll out a revolutionary…

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