Sometimes as leaders we forget that our assigned role is just ONE piece in the puzzle we call life.  We are good at this thing.  We “make it happen.”  We are respected, looked up to, in some cases idolized.  We know our “stuff.”  We are confident and convinced that our leadership is making a difference and we have the results to prove it. BUT, then all of sudden, here comes that Mack truck called our personal life.  Out of nowhere we are entangled in a nasty head-on collision. We’ve been t-boned at the intersection of success and satisfaction by sickness, disease, family troubles, divorce, unruly kids, money problems, etc.

Leaders, when our personal lives impede the progress of the goals and objectives in our professional environments its time to rely on the support system we have created.  All of the resources, information, and expertise you have deposited in others can be tapped to hold down the fort.  It’s hard to be Superman with a hole  in your cape!  Don’t overwhelm yourself unnecessarily.  There is a delicate balance between maintaining privacy and ensuring a proactive and productive work environment.  Maintain balance.  Be strategically transparent and share what you can about the challenges you face. Delegate rather than dominate so that the operation doesn’t suffer while you are working to stabilize the home-front.