The 16%

I watched my recorded 65th anniversary broadcast of NBC 5 last night. The station went on the air in 1948—the first television station in Texas. Can I make a confession? I fast-forwarded through a bunch of it. Just a few seconds on the hand-drawn weather maps were enough to tell me: yes, I am glad there have been some innovations, and we do things better now—more animation, more graphics, more motion and color, and much better radar. The program got me thinking about changes and innovations, good and bad, through the years. And for some reason, the CueCat came to mind.

CuecatI remember that the CueCat just “arrived” at our house. I could not tell you the date, even the year. I remember holding it in my hand and thinking, “This seems pretty dumb.” And I have no idea whatever happened to my CueCat.

It came to our house…

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