The 16%

I have the privilege of being with a lot of different leaders in a lot of different settings. Many times, leaders feel that their situation is unique, and in some ways, it’s true. Every leadership environment and challenge is unique. However, there are many things in leadership that are universal, and if you feel a little discouraged about your particular task, take a few minutes to remember some simple truths.

  1. Leadership is hard. Period. It’s hard for the rookies, and it’s hard for the vets. It’s hard in small organizations, and it’s hard in large departments and divisions. People, situations, environments, challenges, histories, shortfalls… all of these things are everywhere in abundance. Leadership looks easy from the sideline. It’s another thing in the ring. If you get discouraged because you think that it’s harder in your setting, then just remember: (1) Yes, it is hard, and (2) It’s not any…

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