The 16%

Everyone wants to lead a great team that is known for innovation, excellence, and accomplishment; but great teams need leaders who are emotionally healthy enough to lead effectively. What does a healthy leader look like?

  1. Healthy leaders take advice from a variety of sources, yet they are independent enough to use wise discernment.
    I am equally leery of a leader who can’t take advice or can’t make their own decisions. Either extreme indicates a leader who is too insecure to lead effectively.
  1. Healthy leaders are resilient enough not to collapse when things go wrong.
    One thing is certain: “Things will go wrong.” Fragile leaders seem unable to accept this as a part of reality, so they play the blame game. Healthy leaders accept hardships and adversity as the pathway to success.
  1. Healthy leaders avoid the trap of seeking revenge.
    Following a leader who is driven by revenge is like being…

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