The 16%

Here’s what appears to be a no-brainer.  Who was the better communicator – John F. Kennedy or Lyndon Baines Johnson?

It seems like no-contest.  I can quote line after line from speeches by President Kennedy.  I don’t think I can quote a single line from an LBJ speech.  In fact, I think the line I know best from him is this line, from an address to the nation – not quite a “speech” in the traditional sense:  “I shall not seek, and I will not accept…”

So, JFK – the better communicator?  Right.

I’m not so sure.  Maybe LBJ wins that contest.  He just gave his “speeches” to one person at a time – over the telephone.  Lyndon Johnson was the Grand Champion, Super Bowl Champion, Gold Medal winner phone communicator of all time.

He was charming, direct – he could be ruthless, unyielding – all over the phone. …

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