The 16%

In one of the most thorough academic studies done to date, Barbara Fredrickson, a psychology researcher, at the University of North Carolina, studied the impact of both negative and positive emotions on our ability to make good decisions.  According to her research, not only does cultivating a positive attitude stimulate learning, but letting our minds be filled with either fear or anger, shuts down our ability to learn.  Translated:  Positive Thinking has a lot more positives than just being upbeat and cheerful.

I don’t know about you, but I encounter a lot of “Yes, but…” people.  It really doesn’t matter what you say, their answer tends to be, “Yes, but…”

“That’s a nice rain we received.”

“Yes, but it ruined my golf date.”

“The city is really adding a lot of new businesses.”

“Yes, but we don’t have the infrastructure we need.”

“Cindy is a really good addition to your…

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