The 16%

Almost anything of significance that you accomplish in life will probably be as a part of a team. The question for many leaders is, “How do I mold this team into a winning team?”  If you are tasked with the responsibility of molding a “group” into a “team” it can sometimes feel like making misfits fit!  Here are three keys for doing it successfully.

1. Don’t believe everything you hear about others—A friend of mine who was put in charge of building a “one stop” shop for customer service in his organization was given a corps of workers that management really wanted him to fire.  They didn’t volunteer for the job; they were volunteered.  Instead of a “one stop” shop it was dubbed the “last stop” shop.  Not too promising, right?  However, rather than treating each person according to his/her reputation, he treated each one professionally, with dignity, and…

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