We all know the drill.  Staff the office with warm bodies and nothing more during the holiday season.  Everybody who has any vacation time is at home in fuzzy socks sipping cocoa or at the mall returning gifts.  You can see the tumble weeds rolling through the hallways and hear echoes as if you were in the Grand Canyon.  Most of us don’t expect much to get done during this time period.  But, as a leader this is still an opportunity to manage time and empower people.  With the phones not ringing as much and the pace of things more settled this is an excellent opportunity to get some things done.  Use this almost down time to get the office in order, organize files, organize thoughts, etc. Don’t let this time go to waste.  Figure how to make the most of it!  Its also a great time to engage staff one on one.  If you can break away from you sofa pop into the office and have some meaningful conversation.