Learning Leaders

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other” ~JFK

Lead and learn

A few months ago, forty-six students entered my classroom with the hopes of beginning, continuing, or reigniting their journeys to be successful leaders in life and in business.  

Well, actually… most of them were probably just hoping to get an A.  But, now that the semester is over, I can look back and confidently say they were truly seeking personal growth and development in addition to a good grade.

Here’s nine reasons why:

Quotable Quotables

This spontaneous thought shared by Kathleen came when discussing the difference between managers and leaders:

“Managers make me work. Leaders make me WANT to work.”

That says it all.

Great Debates

When asked to explore key questions about leadership, some passionate debates ensued:

  • Are white lies okay in business?
  • Is charisma an essential leadership trait?
  • And my favorite debate to watch…

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