Reach for the Sky

Introduction: Social Media and its Links to Leadership Building and Career PlanningSocial-Media

Social Media has revolutionized how we interact, communicate and connect with one another. In marketing class we learned that technology and word-of-mouth go hand in hand. With greater online capabilities we are entering into an era of social media, in which our lives can be digitally tracked, digitally recorded, and digitally disseminated. In historical terms, social media is on par with the introduction of the wheel, the combustion engine, and the telephone in terms of its effects on our lives and how we work, play and support one another. As a leader, the question rests: How can I utilize social media (e.g facebook, twitter, linkedin) in leadership building and career planning?

In the following post, I will discuss utilizing the E-post as a tool for developing leadership, then I will discuss developing networks as a part of career…

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