CEO Leadership Skills

The Power Of Leading By InfluenceImproved leadership standards increase productivity, and an organisation’s ability to manage change. Organisations have many ‘position descriptions’ of leadership. All describe leadership outputs. How can we specify the leadership inputs of influence that motivate increased productivity, and the ability to manage change? Leadership has only two sources of power:

  1. Power of position
    Leadership dependent on the power of position, inhibits initiative and communications, increases stress and staff turnover. Leaders dependent on the power of position, are plainly unsuited to deal with, and lead, change. Such leadership is typified by:
    • Responding only to their own expectations and requirements
    • Rely on the power of their relationships or precedent to achieve their objectives
    • Have one leadership style only
    • Finds and delegates problems – but takes no responsibility for their process, or outcome
  2. Power by influence
    Leaders, who use the power of influence:
    • Are broadminded with people, tasks, relationships and situations
    • Manage their stress

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