The 16%

It seems like the question/issue that continues to be as crucial as any is this:

“How do I hire the right people?”

You can ask it any number of ways:

How do I find the right people?
How do I put my teams together in the best way, with the right mix of the best people?

But, any way you ask it, it boils down to this:  the wrong people are disastrous, to not-good, for the organization.  The right people provide great promise and hope, and then effectiveness and progress and increasing productivity.

I see some hint of this challenge in nearly every business book I read.  I have written recently about Jeff Bezos’ view (from The Everything Store):

Hire smart people (and, who are smart people? — people who “get to the answers first”)
Hire people who will make the team better (never hire people who will make the…

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