The Leader's Digest - by Suzi McAlpine, Executive Coach

I’m a real chicken when it comes to having tough conversations.


They are not something I look forward to…and I reckon most of you are with me on this.

My kids and I often play the game – “if we could have a superpower what would it be?”

My first choice is always to be able to read peoples’ minds. But I also think it would be quite handy to have a clone who could step in and have those difficult conversations for me.

You know the ones – where emotions run high and conflict is the name of the game. They involve telling somebody something they would rather not hear and you would rather not have to deliver.

In our professional lives, it might be a conversation about poor performance, redundancy, ethical dilemmas or bad news.

The thing is, ironically I have found when I face these tough conversations…

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