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bigstock-Overworked-Employee-44770891Dr. Reality has received an intriguing letter for this blog. It basically confronts a red-hot workplace issue, “Is it possible to perform at a level of maximum output without burning oneself into smoldering human wreckage?”

Well, let’s read it first, shall we?

Dear Dr. Reality:     

You have always been so candid and practical with your advice. This is my first time writing you, and I have a particularly challenging dilemma that is driving me nuts.

I invest totally of myself on the job. I do so with largely altruistic motives, but of course I also want to have a successful career. My problem is that the more I do, the more I do. It has reached the point where I find myself routinely doing two, or even more, tasks at the same time. I suspect that the quality of my outputs may be suffering as a result.

At the…

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