The Leader's Digest - by Suzi McAlpine, Executive Coach

This past week has seen my inner critic out in full force.

You might recognise this little sucker as that voice inside your head that whispers derisively (and in my case this week, shouts from the rooftops).

You are not good enough.
Who do you think you are to…?
OMG they think you are useless…(and they’re right).
No wonder they don’t choose you, you’re too…(stupid/introverted/unattractive, etc etc).

If you’ve ever experienced “the imposter syndrome”, that’s your buddy, the inner critic.

So when I received the following news, I considered it to be startling.

The news came to me as a Tweet, which said…

There it was in black and white (and blue).

My blog, The Leader’s Digest, had ranked in the 90th spot in the world on the list of Top 100 Socially Shared Leadership Blogs of 2013 by CMOE.

I should have air punched and jigged my way…

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