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6 Principles Of Committing To Your Commitment — February 27, 2014

6 Principles Of Committing To Your Commitment

Achieve Your Goals

Have you ever struggled with accomplishing, getting through, or getting started on something that you wanted to do? Many of us do. Often times we come up with an idea that we’re passionate about or that we know we can do but are hesitant to actually go through with it for fear we may fail or not have the drive or motivation to see it through.

In Ken Blanchard’s latest book, Fit at Last, Ken and fitness authority, Tim Kearin, follow Ken’s personal journey to improve his health and fitness. This quick read applies the battle with getting healthy and losing weight, something many of us can relate to, as an example of how sticking to a goal and making it happen can provide a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and happiness. Whether your goal is to get healthy, like Ken, start a business, or complete a major project at…

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Success … It’s About Working Smarter NOT Harder —
Leadership Minute: Prepare Your Victory Speech —

Leadership Minute: Prepare Your Victory Speech

Doug Dickerson on Leadership


I never expect to lose. Even when I’m the underdog, I still prepare a victory speech. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Your expectations as a leader are very important. They are reflective of your attitude which is a strong indicator of your mindset. When you have high expectations about your tasks at hand and the future you are working toward it sets you up for success. We all face obstacles and the path is not always smooth. Sometimes you may even be the underdog. But when you choose to embrace a positive attitude over a negative attitude you are more inclined to come out ahead. Control your thoughts and you control your attitude. Control your attitude and you control your destiny. Have you prepared your victory speech?

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Use this one word for happier, more compliant patients… —
Don’t Over-complicate It – 7 Simple Truths for Leadership Success —

Don’t Over-complicate It – 7 Simple Truths for Leadership Success

Blanchard LeaderChat

Complicated DrawingWe tend to over-complicate things in life, and when it comes to defining what successful leadership looks like, we  really really , over-complicate it. Much of what constitutes leadership success comes down to common sense, but unfortunately it’s not always common practice.

Searching the shelves of your local bookstore (do those still exist?) or doing a search on would lead you to believe that to be a successful leader you’ll need to discover the keys, take the right steps, obey the laws, figure out the dysfunctions, embrace the challenge, ascend the levels, look within yourself, look outside yourself, form a tribe, develop the right habits, know the rules, break the rules, be obsessed, take control, let go of control, learn the new science, or discover the ancient wisdom. Did I say we like to over-complicate things?

I don’t think leadership should be that complicated. If you’re looking for…

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Quit Trying to be Ethical! —

Quit Trying to be Ethical!

The 16%

Every organization claims high ethical aspirations. Unfortunately, the least character-driven team members often tend to be the most “ethical” because they know EXACTLY where the line is and make sure they never cross it. Meanwhile, the most character-driven members of the team get caught in “gotcha” ethics violations because they were not worrying about where the line was since they knew their motives were pure.

It is time to quit trying to be “ethical” and instead create a character-driven culture. A formal ethics policy is still necessary, but we need to transition beyond a policy as the standard to aspire to, and make it the lowest common denominator foundation, upon which is constructed a more noble cultural value system.

When it comes to behavioral standards, there are four progressive levels. Organizations who create cultures of sustained excellence tend to operate at the fourth level.

The first level is simply compliance…

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How Important is Body Language? —
Want More Productive Employees? — February 26, 2014
Leaders Don’t Forget About the Horizon —

Leaders Don’t Forget About the Horizon


Don’t get so bogged down in the numbers that your creativity goes into hibernation. Don’t stifle the creative potential of your team because you “think” something is going to blow your budget. The ideas don’t cost much but with some savvy implementation skills you just might be able to help the bottom line stay in tact and the company advance its goals. Keep an open mind.


How Faith in the Workplace Increases ROI —