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Adams and Jefferson

American presidents come and go throughout history, but think about the presidents that you regard as great leaders. Regardless of their political persuasion, do historically successful presidential leaders have common natural talents and traits? 

Accomplishments Compared

More specifically, let’s compare presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson*. Both presidents were successful on many points. Here’s a brief look at their accomplishments :

John Adams

  • Massachusetts Delegate and Leading member of the Continental Congress
  • Leading advocate and signer of the Declaration of Independence
  • Author, Massachusetts Constitution
  • Diplomat to France
  • Negotiator and signor of the Paris Peace Accord ending the war with England
  • Minister to England
  • First U.S. Vice President
  • Second U.S. President
  • President of the Massachusetts Society of Arts and Sciences

Thomas Jefferson

  • Delegate to the Virginia House of Burgesses and the Continental Congress
  • Author of the Declaration of Independence
  • Governor of Virginia
  • Diplomat to France and delegate to the Paris…

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