Leaders take note that we set the tone for modeling ethical behavior.

The 16%

Over the next few blog posts, I want to offer some insights into unethical behaviors that all local government appointed and elected officials and employees should avoid. The behaviors are subject to context and the list is by no means exhaustive. This collection of posts is also not intended as a rulebook.

The avoidable behaviors described below are listed to increase awareness of the importance of an unwavering commitment to public sector ethical integrity. It is your responsibility to be familiar with your organization’s Code(s) of Ethics. If you lack clarity on a particular course of action, please contact your direct supervisor or Human Resources department.

  • Absenteeism – All employees will invariably miss work for legitimate reasons: illness, death the family, vacation time, etc. Abusing your employer’s absentee policy, however, is in essence stealing time from your employer while simultaneously placing an unfair workload on fellow team members.
  • Abuse –

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