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30 Seconds on Leadership….You Can’t Lead and Whine at the Same Time! — April 30, 2014

30 Seconds on Leadership….You Can’t Lead and Whine at the Same Time!

You can’t lead and whine at the same time.  Leaders must return quickly to being solution focused and results oriented.  Not many things are fair in business or life these days.  I use the 5 minute rule …Give yourself 5 minutes to vent, rant, kick the cat and then shift to solution mode.  Remember, you set the tone and your example whether positive or negative will influence the behaviors, attitudes and actions of others.  Its not time to break down…its time to BUCKLE down!  You are in a position of leadership to guide your team through the storm.

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Ethics is Contagious

Leading in Context

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I must admit that I can’t take the credit for coming up with the catchy title of this post. A group of attendees at a recent keynote I delivered came up with it as a way to describe what they had learned. And it makes perfect sense.

Ethics is catching, and leaders set the tone for the ethics of the organization. What would happen if everyone in the organization followed our lead? Would the organization be more or less ethical?  What kind of ethics are people catching as they work in our organization?

10 Reasons Why Ethics is Contagious:

  1.  We are social creatures.
  2.  People tend to “follow the leader.”
  3.  If their leader is unethical, people may be less likely to report ethical problems.
  4.  In unethical cultures, people who speak up may be punished, which further entrenches the unethical culture.
  5.  When people fail to report ethical problems, the problems…

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