The 16%

Over the past eight years, I have taught hundreds of local government live classes and created dozens of live and online courses. If you look at the scope of my work, you will notice a common thread that runs throughout: “servant” is the most powerful word in the phrase “public servant.”

I hammered that theme while I served as a county commissioner, and I continue to promote the concept when I have an opportunity to influence public servants whether elected, appointed, hired or volunteered.

Recently, I discovered a “servant leader” theoretical framework that has been around for many years, but is new to me. It is called, “Servant Leadership.” Robert K. Greenleaf introduced the framework in 1970, primarily advocating a leader’s primary motivation and role is fully realized through service to others.

The scope of Greenleaf’s work is perhaps summed up in this one statement: “The great leader is seen…

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