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30 Seconds on Leadership… Struggling is NOT failing — May 29, 2014

30 Seconds on Leadership… Struggling is NOT failing


Leaders don’t become too discouraged or distracted by struggle. It is a part of the process. The struggle shapes our character, increase our courage, and develops our creativity. First the rain…then the rainbow!


Enna on Leadership…Slowwww Downnnn — May 28, 2014

Enna on Leadership…Slowwww Downnnn


Every leader’s mantra at some point is, “Get it done!” While there is always a sense of urgency about meeting deadlines and reaching milestones let’s not sacrifice quality or integrity just to get to “done.” It’s time out for the stop watch mentality that puts the emphasis on speed over quality. We teach people to cut corners and sacrifice quality when we make the deadline trump the quality of the finished product. I’m not at all saying one can take an inordinate amount of time for every task. It’s up to us as leaders to create efficiencies and train staff to produce a quality finished product in a reasonable amount of time. Where possible create space and time to improve and enhance quality.

~Enna B

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