The 16%

Guest Blogger - Amy

Research demonstrates that professionalism is associated with increased innovation in the public sector—meaning that as public managers exhibit more professionalism, they are more likely to engage in innovative decision-making.

Public managers use innovative techniques and exercise their discretionary power when creating public policy in an effort to create and implement policy that is efficient and effective. Because of their professionalism, public managers often possess the technical knowledge and skills necessary to successfully navigate the intensity of public problems and goals.

Professionalism refers to a number of characteristics of an individual such as: level of education, tenure in a position, membership in professional associations, association with a network of peers, pledge to a code of ethics, and on-going training.

Innovation leading to greater efficiency and lower cost is thought to be commonplace in the private sector; and even though the public sector has lagged behind in achieving these increased efficiencies, there…

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