The 16%

It’s pretty easy to figure out what to do with your bad employees. Get rid of them! But what do you do with your top-notch employees?

Overworked cartoonYes, you have to develop them into leaders, but that sounds too abstract for some supervisors. In the “here and now,” you’ll probably make those select employees your go-to people for everything. Besides, they’re so reliable—how could you not?

Sounds good on the surface until the tasks start piling up for those employees, and their work hours start getting longer to get everything accomplished.

Not to mention the message it’s sending out to your mediocre employees. (Didn’t think of that, huh?)

If your default solution is to give everything to your high-performing employees, average employees may see it as a reason not to raise the bar, fearing that they may also become bogged down with work. Besides, in today’s workplace, the odds are pretty…

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