The 16%

“Because he believes so deeply that he is right, a severely self-righteous person doesn’t realize that he is behaving in a self-righteous manner.”
Bob Johansen, Get There Early

“The three primary derailers are difficulty handling change, not being able to work well in a team, and poor interpersonal relations.”
Susan Scott, Fierce Leadership

What will do you in? If you are in a leadership position at all, what will do you in, making you utterly ineffective? What will reach up and cause you real harm?

I was revisiting some books I have presented earlier and was struck by these four problemsthese “derailers.”

The first comes from Bob Johansen in Get There Early, and the next three come from Susan Scott in Fierce Leadership. Both books are worth reading. (But if you want to laugh out loud at her “directness,” read Susan Scott. She is…

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