The 16%

Glass CeilingExecutive positions in the public sector—just like the private sector—are predominately populated by males.

That’s not new news. There are plenty of statistics to support that. In fact, there’s also plenty of research showing why women would actually be better choices for leadership positions.

So the question is: why aren’t more women getting appointed to those higher-up positions?

For one, although our world and culture are ever evolving, there are people living in a 1950s mindset who will exercise discrimination and be a lifetime member of the “Good Ol’ Boy” club.

Thanks to that way of thinking, there’s a lingering stigma placed on women bosses. If they’re nice, they’re pushovers; and if they’re stern, they’re called hormonal and a few choice words that I can’t repeat.

Despite discrimination, there’s still a lack of knowledge on how women can successfully earn genuine respect in the workplace, which will ultimately position them…

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