The Leader's Digest - by Suzi McAlpine, Executive Coach

Unfortunately, one of the most prevalent emotions I see in organisations is fear.

A little bit of fear is self-preserving, but I have seen it plague organisations like a vicious disease.

Often it is seen in hefty doses – much more so than compassion, care and empathy.

It may not present as terror, but it can show in more subtle, insidious versions of this same base emotion.

Here are some versions of fear in other guises:

Anxious, avoidant, cautious;

Concerned, fearful, frozen;

Insecure, intimidated, guarded;

Overwhelmed, panicked;

Stressed, tense, terrified;

Trapped, vulnerable, worried.

When fear is commonplace in a culture – when people are afraid of speaking up, challenging, giving feedback, making mistakes, failure, making a fool of themselves, losing their jobs (the list goes on) – it’s bad for everyone.

Fear is the opposite of love.

That’s what John Mackey and Rajendra Sisodia say in their book Conscious Capitalism

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