The 16%

“One frustrated psychologist has argued that the case for multitasking is on a par with ‘urban legend’; that is, it’s a story we like the sound of but that is really nonsense.
– Margaret Heffernan, Willful Blindness: Why We Ignore the Obvious at our Peril

So, here’s the problem. We think we can do two things at once.

We can’t.

I have written through the years that when we read something in one place, it is worth paying some attention to. But when we read it time and again, maybe there really is something to it.

Well, it is now being written about seemingly everywhere, so pay attention to this!

You cannot do two things at once.

As Margaret Heffernan builds her case about how we simply do not see some pretty important stuff that we should see, one problem she describes is that we only see what we are focused

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