Alex Gaskins

Water Ripple photo by Bill Gracey

Great leadership doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process. But, companies are increasing their budgets on leadership training programs. Leadership contributor on Forbes, Mike Myatt, wrote in an article, “U.S. businesses spend more than $170 Billion dollars on leadership-based curriculum.” While he identifies “The #1 Reason Leadership Development Fails,” here are 3 phases to leadership development.

Find Your Talent

Sometimes easier said than done. Finding the right fit talent for leadership is essential to the success of the team and each individual. The individual doesn’t need to be friends with everyone. They don’t even need to be liked by everyone. Leadership isn’t about making everyone like you. However, people should still want to follow the talent’s vision. Along with this, your talent should be closely scrutinized for values alignment. It will be a long, hard, road to development if the leadership coach and future leader don’t see eye-to-eye on…

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