The 16%

“Welcome to the world of realitythere is no audience. No one to applaud, to admire. No one to see you. Do you understand? Here is the truth – actual heroism receives no ovation, entertains no one. No one queues up to see it.”
– David Foster Wallace, The Pale King

“If you come to define success, in both business and in life, as philosophers and religions have for millennia, by the satisfaction derived from work itself and not the degree of attention you receive for it… Ask yourself: do I want to find lasting reward by challenging myself?”
– David Zweig, The Power of Anonymous Work in an Age of Relentless Self-Promotion

We’re certainly full-fledged into celebrity culture. The famous 15 minutes of fame prediction is now upon us. So we look for our posts to go viral, and we sit waiting with full-fledged anticipation at the latest…

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