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7 Deadly Sins of Leadership — April 11, 2015
Going to Church? So what! —

Going to Church? So what!

The devil doesn’t care a thing about you going to church….especially if you are in the building and don’t actually make it a point to get in God’s presence! Some of us are there  multiple times in a week and don’t actually worship! Remember, there is a big difference between being busy and being about our Father’s business.

Enna B

30 Seconds on Leadership….Critics Can’t Stop You —

30 Seconds on Leadership….Critics Can’t Stop You

Leaders its our job to keep moving forward. Those on the leading edge always face the toughtest scrutiny. When you pave the way this is to be expected. Don’t let the critics slow you down or get you down. Leave them to their rhetoric. You don’t have time to slow down for everyone with an opinion. You are on a mission! Your perseverance and success will speak more loudly for you that words ever could.

Enna B

30 Seconds on Leadership….Don’t Get Too Comfortable — April 9, 2015