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Invest in Your Business — February 20, 2017

Invest in Your Business

Thinking you can do everything related to building your business for no, or low cost is not NEXT LEVEL thinking. -Enna B

Leaders & Vision — January 21, 2017

Leaders & Vision

​Leadership requires vision. Spend the time necessary to develop the vision. Your followers catch on to clarity not chaos. -Enna B

6 Must Haves for 2017 — December 26, 2016

6 Must Haves for 2017

​We are standing at the threshold of a new year! It’s crucial to our success to be intentional! There are 6 key areas that are must haves for our growth and development in 2017. Each day this

 week I will be focusing one to help you get laser focused on getting the most out of this new chapter we will be starting. Have you gotten my FREE goal setting worksheet? Email me at!

Leadership — August 8, 2016
30 Seconds on Leadership….Run Your Race — July 8, 2016
Mindset Monday! — May 16, 2016

Mindset Monday!

Let’s go hard today! It’s Mindset Monday. Everything we do originates in our thought life first. Reserve the to reject negativity. Plan your progress for the week and stick to your plan so you can see the results. We are almost 6 months into 2016. Ask yourself: “What needs to GROW and what needs to GO?” Create a great week. Who’s with me?

Enna B

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