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Change vs Progress — May 1, 2014

Change vs Progress


Leaders let’s do our part to make changes that make progress and advance our organizations in the direction of established goals and objectives. Resist the urge to feed your own ego by issuing edicts and shuffling the deck in ways that don’t add value or improve morale.

Enna B

30 Seconds on Leadership — March 26, 2014

30 Seconds on Leadership


Don’t wait for something to go wrong to make a change! Crisis may force change but leaders should always be looking for ways to improve or enhance service delivery. Engage your team regularly and create an environment where input is encouraged and positive change is welcomed!

Enna B

The Power of Reaction — March 24, 2014
30 Seconds on Leadership….Who’s Leading the Charge on Change???? — September 18, 2013

30 Seconds on Leadership….Who’s Leading the Charge on Change????

You’ve got a great vision.  You’ve got a great team. Your plan is rock solid.  What you are getting ready to do is going to greatly improve the position of your organization.  You’ve received the blessings of the upper echelons of management and now its time to put the pedal to the metal.  You’ve got BIG plans and HIGH expectations, BUT the question becomes, who’s leading the charge on change?  If your plan hasn’t incorporated addressing and overcoming the impacts of change, then be prepared for some collateral damage.  Invest some time, effort, energy and resources into managing the changes and transitions.  This creates buy-in, support, and allows you to keep a handle on what could derail your plan.


30 Seconds on Leadership….Prepare for the Change in Seasons — September 16, 2013

30 Seconds on Leadership….Prepare for the Change in Seasons

Just like the weather, seasons in working environments change as well. Leaders must not only adapt and adjust to these changes, they must facilitate the process of followers doing the same.  The leaves will fall, are the lawn bags ready? Are the rakes from last year suitable for this year?  After the leaves fall the snow comes…do we have salt on hand?  Do we have enough shovels?  Not everything is uncertain or unknown. We can’t stop the changes of season but we can prepare to meet it and thereby increase our chances of succeeding in it.