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Do you make people want to go the extra mile or throw in the towel? — March 27, 2014

Do you make people want to go the extra mile or throw in the towel?


10 signs of an effective and persuasive speaker

Leaders, your ability (or lack thereof) to communicate effectively is a key indicator of how influential you are and how successful you will be. After hearing from you do people want to go the extra mile or throw in the towel?

Enna B

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Leaders must perfect the art of bouncing back. There are places and spaces where we get side tracked or sidelined and how we “come back” will determine how effective we can be going forward.  Our past accomplishments and accolades can only carry  so far into the future.  Being effective in the right now doesn’t allow you to rest on the laurels of days gone by.  Whatever knocked you out, prepare yourself for great comeback!  Here are 5 tips to help you bounce back with a vengenance:

1.  Acknowledge/appreciate/commend those who held down the fort while you were out of commission.  Have them give you a comprehensive update.  PAY ATTENTION to their observations of the team and the work that has transpired in your absence. 

2.  Rally the troops.  Bring the team back together establish/restablish your baseline expectations and goals.

3.  Be patient. The troops may have grown accumstomed to the leadership style and expectations of someone else.  It may take a little time to readjust (for everyone.)

4.  Communicate.  Many times when we’ve been out of commission for an extended period of time and we quickly develop tunnel vision.  We want to dive back in and start producing.  While productivity is important, communication is key.  Stay connected.  Be responsive and initiate dialogue that will allow you to have an accurate view of the current status. 

5.  Strive to be constructive rather than critical.  Its very easy, if we are not careful, to fall into criticizing what was done in our absence.  Please do not take this bait.  Make the best of what happened or what didn’t and move forward.  You are now in a position to affect positive and productive outcomes.  Don’t waist time complaining about what cannot be changed.  This doesn’t mean turn a blind eye to gross negligence or incompetence.  But, to the furthest extent possible, focus forward and plan a success stragtegy that can build on the work accomplished in your absence without tearing down others.


Its been a minute since I posted an original post.  Lots going on in my world and most of it good.  With this post I will return to more regular and original posts on a weekly basis.  Trying to manage my time and my priorities more responsibly. 

Enna on Leadership….Slaying the Dragon of Misunderstanding — October 7, 2013

Enna on Leadership….Slaying the Dragon of Misunderstanding

I learned that just because we all speak the same language doesn’t mean we all speak the language.

~Madonna (Her reflections on the years she spent living in Europe)

Leaders must learn the differences between intent and expression.  These two are often misinterpreted to the detriment of the leader and/or the organization.  It’s our job to investigate, dissect and make certain that we are clear about what we are communicating and what has been communicated to us.  Note:  I didn’t say “agree” I said understand.  How many times have you heard, “Bob we are saying the same thing, we are just saying it in two different ways.”  This classic comment is the result of people who are interpreting information differently.  When this occurs, but is not resolved, we have an unnecessary difference of opinion which can sabotage the goals and objectives of the group.  Before you go out guns blazing take a step back and make sure you are on the same page.  Whether you agree or disagree with what is being said, just make sure you understand what is being communicated, that’s the first step.

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