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TELLING VS. SHOWING — August 6, 2014


Are you TELLING folks what you should be SHOWING folks?  Remember, actions speak LOUDER than words.



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Enna on Leadership…Packing Up And Moving On — December 30, 2013

Enna on Leadership…Packing Up And Moving On

All good things must come to an end.  The seasons do change and as leaders we have to be prepared to lead the charge in shifting gears and moving on to the next challenge/opportunity.  Finishing strong is critical.  Doing so brings peace and encourages closure.  One thing about all the little doo-dads and knick-knacks from Christmas is that they are all fragile.  In order to enjoy them again next year we must carefully pack them away so that they are not damaged or crushed.  I remember my mother, when I was little, carefully and tenderly, individually wrapping her most delicate Christmas ornaments to ensure that they would be protected.  We enjoyed those ornaments on the tree year after year due to her care and concern for them.  People too, are fragile, like ornaments.  When its time for a team to shift gears we must be careful with what is fragile.  Perhaps the make up of the team is changing.  Some people are being cycled off the project while others are being added on.  Be careful how you discharge a person from their duties.  You may have to add them back in on another project.  Be considerate of feelings and sensitivities as you shift to a new phase.  The next time you need them they’ll be whole and not broken.


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30 Seconds on Leadership….The Most Productive Word in the English Language — December 10, 2013

30 Seconds on Leadership….The Most Productive Word in the English Language

The most productive word in the English language is NO.

~Robbie Slater

 Everyone wants to be seen as a “can do,”  ”make it happen,” person.  When the fact of the matter is that you are stretching yourself wayyyyyyyyyyy to thin for things and people that don’t often have the ability to give you a good return on your investment.  As leaders we must be strategic in what we say “yes” to when given the option to choose.  In this season of doing more with less it is becoming increasingly more difficult to give our BEST effort with overworked, under rewarded resources. Protect the people you lead by making “no” a part of your vocabulary so that when you do say “yes” they are ready to run the extra mile.


Enna A. Bachelor


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