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Enna on Leadership…Slowwww Downnnn — May 28, 2014

Enna on Leadership…Slowwww Downnnn


Every leader’s mantra at some point is, “Get it done!” While there is always a sense of urgency about meeting deadlines and reaching milestones let’s not sacrifice quality or integrity just to get to “done.” It’s time out for the stop watch mentality that puts the emphasis on speed over quality. We teach people to cut corners and sacrifice quality when we make the deadline trump the quality of the finished product. I’m not at all saying one can take an inordinate amount of time for every task. It’s up to us as leaders to create efficiencies and train staff to produce a quality finished product in a reasonable amount of time. Where possible create space and time to improve and enhance quality.

~Enna B

30 Seconds on Leadership….3 tips for Handling the Leftovers — October 24, 2013

30 Seconds on Leadership….3 tips for Handling the Leftovers

Each day brings with it a set of tasks, to-do’s, and assignments which demand our attention.  Invariably, at the close of the day there are things left undone, unfinished, not started, etc.,  these are the “leftovers.”  How we handle the leftovers can often affect our ability to catch up, keep up or get ahead of the game.  Don’t ignore the leftovers.  You know that bowl in the fridge that keeps getting pushed further and further to the back…so far back that you forget its there until you need the bowl again and can’t find it! Here are 3 tips to help you handle the leftovers:

1.  Give them away. (Delegate the task)

2.  Eat it. (Do it)

3.  Clean out the refrigerator (discard it)

Make it a point at regular intervals to clean out the refrigerator (you task list.)  If you don’t then you will have to suffer with the stench (unfinished business.)

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